Karvage Beauty Machines

Karvage Beauty Machines

Proper tension in your Karvage beauty machines is the one thing that can set your quilt apart – making it look like an expert did it versus an amateur did it.

The aim is to have your threads meet in the middle inside the batting. You should loosen your tension which means a lower amount, if your bobbin thread is showing on the top of your quilt.

That is going to bring the threads up and that means an amount that is higher.

Every thread is different and every Karvage beauty machine differs in the threads that it likes. So you are going to have to experiment and see how your Karvage beauty machines works with each sort of thread.

Frequently using exactly the same thread on the top and the bottom or in the bobbin provides you with a good consequence. Then you truly do not have any problem, also if you are using exactly the same color thread on underside and the top. It won’t be that noticeable, even though it does sneak around the bottom or the top.

Karvage Beauty Machines

When using a variegated thread or if you use different threads on the top and the bottom, that also will affect the tension. If you are using a pre-wound bobbin with light-weight thread and the top thread is a variegated thread that is hefty, you may have to correct both the bobbin tension and the top tension.

It is helpful to practice to assess your tension before you begin working on your own quilt. A quilt sandwich is simply two layers of cloth with batting. It measures about 24 inches square, and can be utilized to check your tension as well practicing.

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